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Arches is a park that has the wow factor. The assortment of arches, fins and spires will amaze you. At last count Arches has over 2 000 of these rock formations, and most of the world's natural arches are to be found right here.  Our Arches site has a lot more details.

When passing through Arches on the Bundu Bus you have the opportunity to take a half day tour of the park, before leaving for Salt Lake City.

You will tour one of the most fascinating places on earth, checking out some amazing rock formations and shapes. While on tour there is a possibility of doing one of two hikes, with the first one being an easy stroll down Park Avenue, with towering fins and rock cliffs all around. This is a relaxed, mainly downhill, walk that should take 30 to 45 minutes.

The second possibility is doing a hike up to Delicate Arch.   This is a strenuous, breath sapping walk that is about two hours round trip.  Most people feel that it is worth it as Delicate Arch - which is Utah state's symbol - is a magnificent sight. Your guide will make a decision as to which hike to do after looking at the group, and this decision is final!  Basically, if the guide feels that someone would struggle up to Delicate Arch then everyone will do Park Avenue, if you want to do a hike at all. On most tours you will still be given the opportunity of walking up to the Delicate Arch overlook

There is much more to Arches than Delicate Arch, and amongst the many sights you will see, and some of which you can walk up to and around, are Balanced Rock and Windows Arches. 

The Arches tour can be ordered through the Bundu Bus booking engine. Remember to select your date when you order the Arches tour.

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