Bundu Bus Bryce Canyon transportation Bryce Canyon transportation Bryce Canyon bus Bryce Canyon transportation

Bryce Canyon bus

Bryce Canyon bus
Bryce Canyon transportation

Bryce Canyon Transportation

Bryce Canyon

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Catch the bus at ...

Ruby's Inn
Bryce Canyon
Ruby's is a landmark and the Bundu Bus picks up right outside the check in area.

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Background Info

There are not that many parks that have the WOW factor, and Bryce is not only one of them, but possibly right at the top of the list! The hoodoos will amaze you. You will wonder how they got here, where the amazing shapes came from, and how they got to be in those incredible colors. The Bundu Bus services Bryce Canyon from both Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. In fact, on some days, it is possible to start in one city in the morning and finish in the other that evening. You can check out the schedule, routes, and make a reservation.

You can visit Bryce by yourself on the Bundu Bus, or you can go there as part of one of our Bryce Canyon tours. If you take the Bundu Bus, please be aware that the free Park Service shuttle only oeprates on a seasonal basis. More details can be seen below.

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There are various lodging options at Bryce. You can stay in a motel, a teepee, or camping. Please note that if we book your lodging at Bryce for you we guarantee we will drop you off directly at the property. If you book it yourself you may be dropped at a central location, and have to find your own way there. Because we negotiate discounted rates from our suppliers we are often able to offer a lower rate than you could get yourself!


Bryce Canyon is another one of the parks that has e free shuttle system, but please be aware that it only operates seasonally. The service is operated by the National Park Service, and the dates vary from year to year. It generally runs from about the second week of May through the same time in October.

We can show you how to take advantage of this to give yourself your own free tour, without having to pay anyone another dime (park entry excluded). The shuttle system can be picked up outside Bryce, and it will take you to the various view points inside the park, where you can get off and stroll around. When you are ready simply hop back onto the bus and go to the next place.

Activities & Other

Bryce Canyon has many hikes, both above and below the rim. Other popular activities at Bryce include horseback riding and ATV riding. Please let us know if we can book those for you.


Bryce Canyon transportation Bryce Canyon bus Bryce Canyon bus