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Grand Canyon


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Grand Canyon

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There is nothing we can say about the Grand Canyon that hasn't already been said, so we won't! Because lodging at the Grand Canyon is both hard to come by, as well as expensive, the Bundu Bus stops at the Grand Canyon for an extended period, to enable you to tour it for a few hours. This way you still get to see the Canyon, but do not have to spend a fortune to spend the night.

The Bundu Bus actually waits at the Grand Canyon for longer than most of the regular tour buses stop there. This means that you can catch a ride to the Canyon, tour it for a few hours using the free Park Service shuttle, or just stroll around, and then climb back on the Bundu Bus and go off to the next stop. You will need to pay the park entry fee.

The Bundu Bus will drop you off at one of the main view areas, where you can walk around, admire the vistas, buy souvenirs, and get yourself something to eat. It is very easy to walk around at the Canyon, and get between several of the view points. The National Park Service also provides a free shuttle service, which you can catch to some of the other view points, if you choose.

Traveling between Lake Powell/Page and the Grand Canyon, the Bundu Bus enters and departs the park at the much less used east exit, so you get to see a part of the park that most tourists will never see. The bus will stop at a couple of vantage points along the way so you can take in the views.

You are obviously welcome to get off the bus at the Grand Canyon and then pick it up a few days later. Please check out the schedule, routes, and make a reservation.


Lodging at the Grand Canyon is expensive, and it also tends to sell out early. We suggest you plan ahead. Please note that if we book your lodging at the Grand Canyon for you we guarantee we will drop you off directly at the property. If you book it yourself you may be dropped at a central location, and have to find your own way there. Because we negotiate discounted rates from our suppliers we are often able to offer a lower rate than you could get yourself!



Several different air and helicopter tours from the Grand Canyon are available from our Bundu Bashers tour division. If you take one of the shorter airplane or helicopter tours the bus will drop ypu off at the airport and then come back to pick you up once you have landed. Please let us know if we can book these tours for you.

Activities & Other

There are many walks and hikes to take at the Grand Canyon. We strongly urge you to consult with the Park Service or local hiking experts prior to attempting a hike down into the Canyon.


Please email us, or call (USA) 702 381 3550.

Grand Canyon transportation Grand Canyon transportation Grand Canyon bus




Activities we can book for you at the Grand Canyon include helicopter tours, plane tours and horseback riding.