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Background information

Catch the bus at ...

Yosemite Lodge
Yosemite National Park
The parking lot in front of the Lodge. 

  Map to follow soon ...


Background Info

The Bundu Bus travels through Yosemite four times a week on its way between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Twice a week the Bundu Bus enters Yosemite at the east entrance, high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, as it travels from Death Valley. The bus makes its way down into the Yosemite Valley, far below. And then again twice a week it passes through Yosemite on its way from San Francisco through Death Valley back to Las Vegas. You can check out the schedule, routes, and make a reservation.

Please be aware that use of our Hop On, Hop Off ticket to Yosemite is limited as follows:

You can only make reservations to go from Las Vegas to Yosemite or Death Valley once on the four day, seven day and 14 day hop on, hop off pass.  You can only return from Yosemite or Death Valley to Las Vegas once on the four day, seven day and 14 day hop on, hop off pass. This is because this is the first year we are running this route and we suspect seating may be limited.

With the 30 day ticket you can go between Las Vegas and Yosemite twice, not once as detailed above.

In both cases, however, you are welcome to show up at the time when the vehicle is leaving, and if there is space you are welcome to use your hop on, hop off pass without limitation.


Please be aware that lodging in Yosemite is limited. This applies to camping as well as motels. Lodging needs to be booked ahead of time to guarantee availability. If you book it yourself you may be dropped at a central location, and have to find your own way there.


There is a free bus system through much of Yosemite. You can use this to tour the park. There are also actual tours available from within Yosemite. We can book these for you.

Activities & Other

Hiking and rock climbing are very popular in Yosemite. Make sure you are experienced and know what you are doing before you try rock climbing!


Yosemite tours Yosemite transportation Yosemite tours